From what I have gleaned, Chimero is concerned with the balance between form vs. function, ease of use vs. aesthetics, and tradition vs. innovation. Finding an equilibrium of these features as well as producing an adaptive, creative, and ergonomic website are motivating factors for him as a designer.

Coming from someone who is nowhere near a professional (especially not with web design and coding), it is a bit intimidating to know that a professional still has this level of internal struggle. However, it is fascinating to see that those with experience in this field still continue to have new challenges to tackle rather than stagnation. It would be easy to follow the same formula and get a result with perfect results every time; but where’s the fun in that?

Now, it is obvious to me that there are always going to be problems to overcome and dualities to focus on balancing. I am obviously worried about not being as polished as I want to be, but this article honestly serves as a motivating factor for me to do everything that I can to improve my skillset. My goal is to be able to learn how to achieve a solid balance of what makes a website good, even if “good” doesn’t really have a black-and-white definition.

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