project 1 (Mid Century Modern by Andrew Lohman)

This iteration of the CSS Zen Garden is very aesthetically pleasing to me; the palette is expressive and the color-blocking is an effective way to highlight the different paragraphs and establish asymmetrical balance. Unfortunately, I think the design’s flow is a bit disrupted between the different blocks of text, especially towards the middle because of the sudden jump from the right side of the page to the left. Besides that, I think this design works very well for the Zen Garden. (NOOM Web Design by Anis Ali)

I really enjoy this design; I think it has a good balance of content, and space; there is emphasis on the important elements and the products are the focal points of the webpage. There is also a good hierarchy between the title, headers, and paragraphs. I would be interested to see some additional visual elements, or an accent color.



For this mockup, I chose a national park-esque theme
This mockup is focused on the Memphis Group’s design sense



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